Hi! I'm Ana Ulin

Hi, I'm Ana Ulin. 👋🏼 I'm a software engineer and (cheer)leader.

I'm available for consulting. I offer custom software development, as well as support and coaching for engineering leaders. If you’re curious about my experience, have a peek at my LinkedIn.

I am also engaged in a search for better ways of working. For me, that means work that is cooperative, democratic, joyful, self-determined, sustainable, and helps humans flourish. I seek to meet my basic material needs, and also to work in a way that prefigures a better world. It's a messy process, sometimes uncomfortable and never finished, but I find it worth the struggle.

I’m looking to connect and collaborate with others with similar interests and goals. If that's you, get in touch!

I make generative art experiments at Robot Molecule, and I share conversations with interesting folks in the cooperative economy at Real Co-op Stories.

When I'm not building software, I'm often reading, knitting, enjoying the company of other people, and being bossed around by my cats. Sometimes I publish notes on my blog.

Drop me a note if something’s on your mind.