Hi! I'm Ana Ulin

I'm a seasoned software engineer, technical lead and engineering manager. I enjoy building software products and teams; I've been doing it professionally for about fifteen years.

I'm always open to opportunities to collaborate, especially with interesting folks. I am happy to do part-time open-source and for-equity-only work, if the project and team are a good fit.

I currently work at Instrumental.ai. Previously, I worked at Google, Science Exchange and Good Eggs. I've also dabbled in some early startup work. If you're interested in a detailed resume, see my LinkedIn profile.

I am not only a programmer. I am also a knitter, an emigrant, a cat person, a partner, a somewhat-Russian Californian, an avid reader, a woman, a foodie, an immigrant, a puzzle-solver, an ambivert, a Café Venetia regular, a gamer, a Spaniard, a creator, an internet connoisseur and a seeker. Among other things.

Sometimes I write things and publish them on my blog.

You can always reach me at ana@ulin.org. (For maximum chance of response, write like a real person contacting a fellow human.)