Hi! I'm Ana Ulin

Hi, I'm Ana Ulin. 👋🏼 I'm a software engineer and (cheer)leader.

I offer support to software engineers and teams, including leadership and career coaching, technical coaching, support for engineering process improvement and tooling, and custom software development. If you’re curious about my experience, have a peek at my LinkedIn.

Better ways of working together is one of my main interests. I seek to facilitate and engage in work that is cooperative, joyful, self-determined, sustainable, and people-centered. I hope to not only meet my material needs, but also to operate in a way that prefigures a better world.

I’m looking to connect and collaborate with others with similar interests and goals. If that's you, get in touch!

I make generative art experiments at Robot Molecule, and I share conversations with interesting folks in the cooperative economy at Real Co-op Stories.

When I'm not building software, I'm often reading, knitting, enjoying the company of other people, and being bossed around by my cats. Sometimes I publish notes on my blog.

Drop me a note if something’s on your mind.