Cover of The Power (Naomi Alderman, 2017)

The Power (Naomi Alderman, 2017) was not an easy read. It contains staggering violence, inhuman misogyny and misandry, unbearable suffering and loss. It did not end on a happy note. And yet, this novel sank its teeth in me and dragged me all the way to the last page almost against my will — I just couldn’t look away.

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Throw More Pots

A bunch of ceramic pots. Image by johannatherealtor on Pixabay.

A bunch of pots

I’m a striver. I strive to be a better knitter, a better cat herder, a better writer, a better engineer, and a better human (among other things). I’m into setting goals, making lists, and practicing rituals for reflection, revision, and planning. (Hey, I never said I was fun.)

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Leadership and Self Deception (The Arbinger Institute)

Leadership and Self Deception (The Arbinger Institute)

I read Leadership and Self-Deception thanks to a suggestion from Dani, my coach.

It’s a quick read, written in the “business parable” style, where a point is made through a story – in this case, an engaging but somewhat cheesy story. In Leadership and Self-Deception, the main character spends a couple of days at his new job learning about, you guessed it, leadership and self-deception.

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Writing gremlins

April: We must go... FURTHER INTO THE TUNNEL!

April of the Lumberjanes, charging into the darkness.

I sit up in bed a moment after my alarm goes off. This is a tiny habit I’ve been cultivating for a week now: sit up and get out of bed when the alarm rings. It is starting to stick.

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Management for Cannibals (Asher) came highly recommended by a trusted colleague. I was excited to read it and did so during a short flight from San Jose to Portland.

It was a quick read, and occasionally almost elicited a chuckle. However, on the whole the book feels very weak – there is just not that much actual content in it. I am giving it 2 out of 5 stars and do not recommend it.

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