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April: We must go... FURTHER INTO THE TUNNEL!

April of the Lumberjanes, charging into the darkness.

I sit up in bed a moment after my alarm goes off. This is a tiny habit I’ve been cultivating for a week now: sit up and get out of bed when the alarm rings. It is starting to stick.

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Book notes: Dancing with Fire

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Dancing with Fire (John Amodeo) was recommended to me by the kind Eric Couillard. The core message of the book is that we should not confuse the buddhist idea of non-attachment with disconnecting ourselves from relationships and other people.

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Book notes: Management for Cannibals

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Management for Cannibals (Asher) came highly recommended by a trusted colleague. I was excited to read it and did so during a short flight from San Jose to Portland.

It was a quick read, and occasionally almost elicited a chuckle. However, on the whole the book feels very weak – there is just not that much actual content in it. I am giving it 2 out of 5 stars and do not recommend it.

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Book: Han Solo (Liu)

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Leia: That crazy fool.

A lovable fool

Han Solo popped up in my Amazon recommendations. It caught my eye me because it’s written by Marjorie Liu, whose Monstress I absolutely loved.

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Book notes: Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet, Book 1

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It's not mere hooliganism. It's a revolution.

The new Black Panther, vol 1, in a nutshell

The first volume of the new Black Panther reboot is my first completed book of 2017.

I am not a huge fan of Marvel super-hero comics, but I’m always curious about comic books by interesting authors. A graphic novel by Ta-Nehisi Coates certainly qualifies as intriguing. I was not disappointed.

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