Book Notes: From Chaos to Creativity

From Chaos to Creativity by Jessie L. Kwak
Read May 6, 2020 - May 13, 2020

Jessie L. Kwak’s From Chaos to Creativity is a sweet little book. It reviews the basics of setting up a personal productivity system, heavily influenced by Getting Things Done, and adds advice specific to creative work. As Kwak writes, “when it comes to more deeply creative work it’s hard to slice what needs to be done into such discrete tasks”.

Kwak puts an emphasis on making space for amorphous creative deep work, for refilling the creative well, and for unstructured play and dreaming. She also suggests a number of reflection practices and self-exploration exercises to help you better understand your creative needs.

I enjoyed the easy, cheerful writing style, and the delightful book design from Microcosm Publishing.

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