Book Notes: The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps

The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps by Kai Ashante Wilson
Read Jan 14, 2020 - Jan 24, 2020

Set in the same world as A Taste of Honey, The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps is a sweet, lyrical love story set against the backdrop of a caravan traveling through a desert and a magical jungle.

This is the last novella in Tor’s Pride month collection In Our Own Worlds #2. My notes on the other pieces in this collection are here: Miranda in Milan, Every Heart a Doorway and Sisters of the Vast Black.

Book highlights

Of all words, none more purely distills the futility of human hope, mortal dreams. Did we but know the end is foreordained and soon, who could go on making such tender plans—someday I shall run my fingers through my lover’s hair—when the very next step we take shall pitch us into the sinkhole, there to be crushed to nothingness, smothered in an instant, by a thousand tonnes of earth? “Someday.” Ha!

And what man given a treat—who’s gone without, who has a sweet tooth—even notices the bits of comb in your honey? No man, Captain.

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