E-mail roulette and a good joke

I have been suscribed to e-mail roulette for a while. As you are probably wondering what kind of geeky pastime is this, I will attempt to explain.

According to the FAQ, “Email Roulette is the finest form of email entertainment to hit the net since spam. Whether you’re seeking new online friends or have just had a few too many beers, this is the place for you.”

The idea is simple: send an e-mail to a random receiver. Of course, to receive or send a roulette you must sign up first, and spam sending through the Roulette is not tolerated. You don’t have to send any roulettes if you don’t want to, and the traffic is not too high (I get about one e-mail every two weeks, on average).

For me the fun part is receiving ‘surprise’ e-mails from complete strangers. The content of the e-mails ranges from political questions to simple greetings, depending on the user who sent the roulette. You have the real address of the sender, and can choose to reply or not.

Today I got a roulette with a request for a joke. As I could not remember any, I had to do a bit of research, and came up with this:

A: Knock, knock. B: Who’s there? A: Recursive. B: Recursive who? A: Knock, knock…

(from the blog InsultConsult)

Anyway, it seems that the Roulette population is slowly diminishing, which takes most of the fun out of the game, as the number of e-mails decreases. So, if you like surprises and e-mail games, join the e-mail roulette! It is free, fun, and easy as pie. ;-)

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