Guinness world record for most escape rooms done in a day

Official Guinness record certificate

Official Guinness record certificate

A couple of weeks back we went on a trip to Hamburg and Moscow. It was one of our “escape room trips”: a trip with the main focus of playing escape rooms. We’ve been doing such trips for a few years now, starting with a small one-day Bay Area escape crawl in September of 2014, during which we played six escape rooms. That original crawl was “small” by our current standards, but at the time playing six rooms in a day seemed like a crazy thing to do.

I don’t usually write about this odd hobby of mine, because I assume it isn’t very interesting to others, and also because I don’t need to give y’all any more evidence of my eccentricity. But I figured this Moscow trip is worth recording in this blog because of one reason: we set the first official Guinness record of ‘Most escape rooms attended in one day’. We are now Officially Amazing ™.

Attempting a Guinness record is something that I would have never done if it weren’t for my awesome friends. They did all all the painstaking work of setting up the logistics, talking to Guinness and etcetera, and let me come along for the ride. Since the news of the record got out, I’ve been surprised at how many folks from my “normal” life (i.e. not from my puzzle or escape room circles) have asked me about it, and generally seem to think that this was cool.

If you’re curious to read more about the record attempt, what went into it and our impressions of it, you can read Room Escape Artist’s before and after interviews with us. Mélanie at Escape Game Paris has also published an interview with us in French (her translation — we don’t speak French!).

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