What catches the eye

The problem with going offline for some days is the huge amount of unread e-mails and news that you have to deal with when you return.

Nevertheless, looking at a huge list of unread news through my RSS reader (I currently use Bloglines), can have a special interest. Some feeds have tons of items with no order other than the chronological, which means that the subjects of the news are completely mixed. This leads to yuxtapositions that a reader of ‘regular’ news (i. e. the dead-tree newspaper) would find not only preposterous, but possibly also obscene.

Let me show you what I mean.

I was offline four days. After my return, I decided to catch up with the latest events, according to BBC News. I had 200 unread items in their main feed. Scanning this feed, these were the news that caught my eye:

See what I mean? I read the news going from serious politics to funny trivia, back to politics and gender issues and then to some science, some antitrust and then some humour that was not intended as such, I finally jump to some technology to some more gender issues. And it seems a perfectly natural order. It is the order in which it was posted to the feed. Hence, it is the order in which I should read it.

Feed readers. Making your news reading more fun every day. ;-)