I Play A Lot Of Escape Rooms, But Not Too Many: A Personal Retrospective And A Wish

I played 218 escape rooms in 2018. 165 of those rooms were played in the United States, 40 in Moscow and 13 in Hamburg. Not as many as some other enthusiasts I know, but still a respectable number.

Looking at the statistics of my escape room games so far, it looks like my rate of play is accelerating. I first played a room in 2012, and I played no rooms in 2013. I played less than 10 rooms each in 2014 and 2015. Then in 2016 we did our first big escape room trip; I ended up playing 88 rooms that year. In 2017 I played another 135 rooms, and in 2018 the count was 218, including playing as part of the team that set the first Guinness World record for “most escape rooms in a day”.

What originally might have seemed like a fad doesn’t seem to be fading at all. We could debate at which point something stops being “a fad”, but personally I think that if there is still a market 6 years in, then we’re past the fad stage and at the very least in the “awkward teenager” era of the phenomenon.

For 2019, I wish for more interesting and varied themes, and more experiments with narrative, immersion and live actors. I’m sure folks will continue pushing the boundaries of tech and set, so I see no need to wish for that.

The unimaginative theme thing is a pet peeve of mine. There are some embarrassingly overdone themes, which make things less interesting for those of us who have played more than a handful of rooms.

Here are some examples of repetitive themes from my personal list of rooms played:

So here is hoping for more interesting escape room themes and plots in the coming year.

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