Keep calm and carry on

It’s been almost 7 years since I registered this domain. Through the years I’ve often wondered what content should go in here. Which is weird, because my original plan was to have a personal site with some records of personal stuff, which some people who know me might or might not find amusing. But something odd happens when you put some personal notes where others might see it: you start wondering if you are annoying those “others”, or if there is something else you should be posting that would amuse them more. Annoying.

In the past I’ve experimented with having separate blogs for specific topics. I’ve also experimented with funneling the bits of content I generate elsewhere into this site. From those experiments I’ve concluded that: (a) running separate blogs is too much trouble, given how little content I generate; and (b) that funneling things like a tumbleblog into this site has little value, and creates a certain din that I dislike. And I still want to use this site for a personal record of whatever I am interested in recording at the moment.

The reason why I am telling you this is because changes are afoot. In particular, I intend to start posting the occasional note related to my knitting. I was meaning to put those in a (gasp!) paper notebook, but that’s just annoying (guess how many used-up paper notebooks I have lying around?). There is also the hope that if I share my notes on the web, they might be useful to someone else, someday.

I am also going to stop piping the contents of my tumbleblog into here, which means there will be only the occasional entry. Which might or might not be about knitting, the web, or how the cat is super-cute (and I hope to be that cute at her age).

If you are following this blog because you think I am a Silicon Valley programmer and I might post something interesting about that, you are most likely out of luck. Though there’s no telling when you give me a keyboard.