Mind Lost

Mind last seen yesterday shortly after 5 PM, in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco. Was wearing a pair of blue Gap jeans and a black long-sleeved t-shirt, too warm for the shockingly nice weather. Mind purposefully walked out of a startup office and blended into the jumble of drone-like commuters and homeless residents of 9th street. Was not seen again. Has distinctive mark on left side of heart, result of poor judgement.

If found, approach Mind slowly and gently. Do not give it your back. Speak in low, measured, soothing tones. Do not, under any circumstances, mention that guy from work, or any current events. Mind can be unpredictable and has been known to cause spontaneous combustion of obnoxious individuals. Responds well to croissants and other foods rich in carbohydrates.

Mind is of deep emotional value to owner. Generous reward offered to anyone able to provide details of its whereabouts or help return Mind home. Contact owner at email above with any information.

Written in response to a prompt during the Creative Nonfiction Bootcamp.

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