One more school start

School started again. It actually started on monday the 30th here at Chalmers, but it is starting today in some places. Some other places still have some weeks left before classes start again.

I don’t have classes myself and my daily routine has not changed, but the university is suddenly swarming with people. There are suddenly queues for lunch, queues at the bookshop, queues at the campus bankomats. I already forgot that there can be so many people here. But it is nice to see the campus alive again; it was kind of boring in summer.

What I did start was my Swedish language course again. But that was already on the 17th of august, so I am used to it by now. I already did some Swedish homework, studied some and got a beer with some of my classmates. So this is again part of my life now. The pity is that it is apparently not that easy to find someone to practice Swedish conversation with. I put some ads in some forums, but no answer so far. I should ask Helga where did she put her tysk-svensk exchange offers.

Without further ado, I declare the new year inaugurated! gong

I’m off to get some tomatoes now.