Patrick Scoble, child of a blogger

Scoble writes that his 11-year-old son Patrick has started a blog, which he nameds Mini Scobleizer. The tag line of Patrick’s blog is “I’m the son of a 40 year old blogger you can check his blog at”.

Just the tag line just gives me a lot to think about. And not just the tag line.

A 11-year-old describing himself as the son of a famous blogger? Bragging in the first post that ‘my dad didn’t help me at all on this one’? Getting 29 comments (at the time of this writing) on your second post, probably just because your dad linked to you?

Interesting stuff. Never occurred to me to call myself Mini-Ulin. But then, I am 1,56m tall, so the ‘mini’ goes without saying, I suppose…