The Business Experiment

If you are interested in business, innovation, the power and wisdom of crowds, or in any combination of these, you should probably check out The Business Experiment.

The Business Experiment was born about a month ago, and is the brainchild of Rob May of BusinessPundit. The idea is simple: a company run collectively by the users registered at The Business Experiment website. All decisions are taken by voting, and members are asigned points for participating in the polls. When the company is created (for the moment the business idea is being chosen), the users will own about 60% of it. And yes, it is expected to become a real company, with a business plan, investors, employees and so on.

As Rob writes in the What is it? page:

What will happen? I don’t know. This site could die out, or it could create a new way of doing business. Either way, the goal is to test some ideas and learn some things about business, work, and society.

I already registered. What are you waiting for? Registrations are limited to 2.500 users!