I’ve been reading this blog by somebody I know from my knitting adventures. She hadn’t written for a while, but then at the end of December she started writing again. She writes about not writing, and about life. Mostly about life. And about how life gets in the way of making, writing.

It is inspiring. And humbling, very humbling. I sit in my (our!) studio, reading her blog, and daydreaming about writing like that. Writing openly about what’s on my mind, in my heart. That’s so very brave. I mean, somebody could read it! And then there is the Internet Archive and stuff. Sigh.

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He didn’t know what to feel. It occurred to him that human emotion had not evolved quickly enough to keep up with what mankind’s scientific capabilities demand of it. Sometimes the tiny components that make up an experience just didn’t fit in to existing emotional receptors, and the result was simply numbness.

Christian Cantrell – Containment

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Keep calm and carry on

It’s been almost 7 years since I registered this domain. Through the years I’ve often wondered what content should go in here. Which is weird, because my original plan was to have a personal site with some records of personal stuff, which some people who know me might or might not find amusing. But something odd happens when you put some personal notes where others might see it: you start wondering if you are annoying those “others”, or if there is something else you should be posting that would amuse them more. Annoying.

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[...] the hideous threat of the Filler of Stockings, who oozes through chimneys and ventilation ducts every Dead God’s Birthday-eve to perform unspeakable acts against items of hosiery. Charles Stross Overtime

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(he de contaros que las hadas son gorditas, peludas y morenas, que están dentro de nosotras y que salen cuando dices “basta”) Nunila López Salamero La Cenicienta que no quería comer perdices

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