A sample skill list

In the comments on the post about common resume mistakes, Paco was asking for a good example for a coherent skill list. For a good way to ‘sell’ your skills, let’s look at the public resume of one of my colleagues, Sascha, available at http://www.brawer.ch/cv/.

Here is the skills section:

Programming Skills

Programming Languages — Extensive experience in Java, C, C++, Python, Perl, Prolog, Lisp, Object Pascal, Assembler (PowerPC, 680x0, 6301). Knowledge of Objective C, Forth, AppleScript, TCL, PostScript and Basic.

Operating Systems — System-level programming for MacOS, several Unices (GNU/Linux, Tru64 UNIX, HP-UX, Solaris), Win32. Some exposure to VMS and CP/M.

Libraries — Java J2SE (wrote several packages for GNU Classpath); Java MIDP; GTK+ (helped with the port to Tru64 UNIX); deeply familiar with MacOS InterfaceLib/CarbonLib; many GNU and X libraries; Windows API.

Nice things about this skill list: Note, however, that this list talks about a specific type of skills. If you want to highlight other kinds of skills (e.g. organizational or leadership skills), you need to have a separate section for them. But all the points above still apply: avoid irrelevant information, include concise details to show the level of expertise.