Count Zero

I read Gibson’s Count Zero last week. Very good book, though probably the ‘less good’ Gibson I have read, and I have read most Gibson, except Idoru, Burning Chrome and Mona Lisa Overdrive (reading Pattern Recognition at the moment).

As Gibson needs no further introduction, I will limit myself to share a snippet from the book. Here it comes.

'The solar banks are all still workin', and they were meant to power the mainframes... Come on, then, lady, we'll meet the artist you come so far to see...' He kicked off and out, gliding smoothly through the opening, like a swimmer, into the light. Into the thousand drifintg things. She saw that the red plastic soles of his frayed shoes had been patched with smears of white silicon caulking. And then she'd followed, forgetting her fears, forgetting the nausea and constant vertigo, and she was there. And she understood. 'My God,' she said. 'Not likely,' Jones called. 'Maybe old Wig's, though. Too bad it's not doing it now, though. That's even more of a sight...' Something slid past, ten centimetres from her face. An ornate silver spoon, sawn precisely in half, from end to end.
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