Feminism and Spanish ministers

IHT reports about a “Feminist uproar in Spain over Vogue photos”. The September issue of Spanish Vogue runs an article about the 8 female ministers in the Spanish government. The report is called “8 women for history” and talks about the political views of each of them and their reflections about the role of women in modern society. The article is accompanied by a photo session were the ministers pose in designer suits.

Some feminist groups are now outraged because of the ministers posing as models. I can understand, to some extent, that posing in expensive designer suits of prizes of up to 5.000 EUR does not help to bring the ministers “close to the voters”, but what I strongly disagree with is this ‘feminist’ message that ‘looking good’ is anti-feminist and old-fashioned. Apparently, caring for their image and posing for some elegant fashion pictures means that the Spanish ministers are un-professional and generally incompetent. So what then, to look professional a woman in Spain has to look as plain as possible?

A group picture from the Vogue article can be seen in this ‘El Mundo’ article.

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