Book: Han Solo (Liu)

Leia: That crazy fool.

A lovable fool

Han Solo popped up in my Amazon recommendations. It caught my eye me because it’s written by Marjorie Liu, whose Monstress I absolutely loved.

It’s a fun action-packed romp. Liu does a great job of capturing Han Solo’s personality – reckless, immature, a little bit of a jerk, but still somehow lovable. The dialog is rapid-fire, witty, amusing. (And no exposition here, as Liu knows her medium well.)

Maybe I'm as dumb as she says I look.

He calls Leia 'sweetheart'. I guess in 1977 it was acceptable?

The art and colors are good, in line with what you would expect from a contemporary Marvel comic. The story is fast-paced and very readable.

Recommended for fans of Star Wars and action comics.

I hate space travel.