Israeli Army discriminates against D&D players

According to this article, the Israeli Defense Forces automatically give low security clearances to soldiers that have roleplaying games as a hobby. Summarizing: if you like roleplaying, you belong in the loony bin.

Here goes a snippet with the juiciest bits:

“One of the tests we do, either by asking soldiers directly or through information provided us, is to ask whether they take part in the game,” he says. “If a soldier answers in the affirmative, he is sent to a professional for an evaluation, usually a psychologist.”

More than half of the soldiers sent for evaluation receive low security clearances, thus preventing them from serving in sensitive IDF positions, he says.


“These people have a tendency to be influenced by external factors which could cloud their judgment, a military official says. “They may be detached from reality or have a weak personality - elements which lower a person’s security clearance, allowing them to serve in the army, but not in sensitive positions.”

I specially like this: These people have a tendency to be influenced by external factors. So the Israeli Army is looking for people that ignore external factors?

(found via Bruce Schneier)

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