Less time in school = better learning?

An interesting thought from a WorldChanging article about the Finnish school system, which is according to the last PISA study the best of the world:

On the other hand, maybe the secret is what they don't do: Finnish students spend less time in class than students in any other industrialized nation.

Makes me think about my own impressions of Swedish university system vs Spanish university system. It seems to me that there is a big deal to gain by putting the emphasis on the student’s learning themselves, as opposed to the lecturer ‘teaching them’. (And I put this ‘teaching’ in quotes because we all know good examples of lecturers that do very little actual teaching. )

Seems to me that this might be exactly what happens at Finnish schools: maybe students get more free time to learn independently, individually or in groups, perhaps giving them also the opportunity to choose in which areas to invest the biggest efforts?