Lorena Bobbitt a la Maasai

From BBC News Maasai man in Kenya reveals all:

“If you do not beat your wife it’s taken that you’re a hen-pecked husband, which is not allowed in our community,” Maasai elder Johnson Ole Sipitiek told the BBC’s Network Africa programme.

But Mr Mewet, who has reported the incident to the police, said he was so overcome with pain that he could not help but make a noise.

After hitting her husband and knocking out his front teeth, Mrs Mewet bit off his testicles and despite his struggles when he awoke, chewed off his penis.

“I don’t have a penis now,” he explained, showing the BBC’s reporter his wound.


“She knew that I had many girlfriends, and I don’t know why she complained when I got another girlfriend,” he said.

According to Mr Mewet, castration is unprecedented in Maasai culture, as there is no traditional punishment.

Mr Mewet said he was left with no option but to pursue an action against his wife through the courts.

Mr Mewet’s father said they planned to slaughter a sheep in the homestead in order to remove any dangers of a curse.

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