Making business in virtual worlds

Over at business2blog I read that Jon ‘Neverdie’ Jacobs buys a space station in Project Entropia for $100.000. Clive Thompson explains why it makes sense:

Because it's just like owning the Mall of America -- it's a place to conduct business and make real-world cash. Indeed, Project Entropia currently has 236,000 registered accounts, and the game allows you to use Earth money to buy in-game currency, which makes it spectacular place for any entrepreneur to set up business, really.

Not only does it makes sense (to me, anyway), but it feels as the all those futuristic novels where people lived and transacted in virtual worlds as much as in the ‘real’ world are coming true. And really, why not? If you do some work and provide some services in-game, why not be paid for it with ‘real’ money?

Trying to think about the implications of this is making me dizzy. I’ll better go grab a tea. Talk to you later.