My duplicity was execrable; it was malignant

R. Robot has a weblog. And he has written about me. An excerpt:

In the mind of Ana Ulin, it’s always Ann Coulter’s fault. Ana Ulin’s duplicity was execrable. It was malignant. It was Jazzercized. But I understate. One of the internecine Islamists, Ana Ulin mischaracterizes Joe Lieberman. “Maybe we could get Iraq straightened out first,” she said. No, no, it is unthinkable to these degenerate Islamists that American force is a force for good.
But maybe it is not accurate to refer to R. Robot as a “he”. R. Robot is a rhetoric simulator written in Perl and feeding the results into a Movable Type blog engine.

So anyone can go to R. Robot’s weblog and push the “Detect liberal media bias” button to automatically produce a new blog entry in real time (all entries have a consistent strong “anti-liberal” bias). You can also input a name, as I did with mine, to make it appear in the entry. There is a warning: “Warning: Entering your friend’s name may lead to unflattering Google results.” I should have know.