Staying informed

For my daily news fix I read mainly BBC News, a bit of the International Herald Tribune and random samples of The Guardian and The NY Times. I also have a look at the dead-tree version of G?ɬ?teborgs Posten every day, as much for the news about Sweden as to improve my mangled Swedish.

I also try to keep up with Spanish news, but it is damn difficult since El Pais now is subscriber-only, and I see no good alternative. I tried the Informativos Telecinco website, but they don’t even have a feed, so I cannot read it easily together with the rest of my news dose. I am not convinced of the quality of El Mundo’s journalism, but it seems the best I can get for free. At least they have a feed, even if you have to register to get it.

What do you read online to stay informed? What news sources do you trust? And for what kinds of news?