Not dead, yet

If you are smart (which I am not sure is likely, given that you are wasting your time reading my crap…), you might have deduced from my previous post that I am actually alive and well. You might have also inferred that I have not abandoned this site (yet).

The last couple of weeks have been a bit weird, and I have not had much time to sit quietly at my own laptop and contribute some to the distributed cacophony this blogosphere thing is. I am afraid that the weeks to come won’t be any better, so I apologize in advance for the highly irregular posting that will happen in the near future. Hopefully it will stabilize soon again.

The reason for the weirdness is this new job I got. I was finishing up stuff at university one day, and the next day I took a plan to San Francisco, but got stuck in Paris, and eventually arrived almost 36 hours later to Mountain View. And 12 hours later I woke up, got my shit together and headed off to new hire orientation at Google. Odd.

I wonder how the hell do I manage to make my life more and more strange all the time. Fun. :-)