Writing gremlins

April: We must go... FURTHER INTO THE TUNNEL!

April of the Lumberjanes, charging into the darkness.

I sit up in bed a moment after my alarm goes off. This is a tiny habit I’ve been cultivating for a week now: sit up and get out of bed when the alarm rings. It is starting to stick.

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...and we're back


I’ve blogged on and off since 2003. That’s about thirteen years. Sometimes the posts flow easily, and sometimes not so much.

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Keep calm and carry on

It’s been almost 7 years since I registered this domain. Through the years I’ve often wondered what content should go in here. Which is weird, because my original plan was to have a personal site with some records of personal stuff, which some people who know me might or might not find amusing. But something odd happens when you put some personal notes where others might see it: you start wondering if you are annoying those “others”, or if there is something else you should be posting that would amuse them more. Annoying.

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